Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roadside Mystic

The fact that any people on this earth want to kill us because they hate our "freedoms" is totally absurd. 
The Truth hides behind such pronouncements.
 - Shawn O'Neal

What year did the USA jump the Shark? 
3 Bins. You should have 3 bins that fit in your vehicle.  The Earth can get weird.  Oz floods, Brazil and Cali mudslides, Blizzards, Huricanes,Tsunamis, Earthquakes etc. etc.  the 3 bins are ready to go in 3 minutes. Sometimes Minutes is life or >>>> reincarnation….."death"   You don't want to have to think about it. Just Go. Search online for the tips on what to pack into your 3 bins.…
The world's nuclear watchdog has given its blessing to plans to restart farming on a site in Kazakhstan, where the Soviet Union detonated the nuclear equivalent of a thousand Hiroshimas. - Stay tuned for glow in the dark casserole dish recipes....

281 days till Oct. 28, 2011 - Dr. Carl Calleman Alternative Mayan Calendar End date
701 days till Dec. 21, 2012 - Conventional Mayan Long Count Calendar End Date  

High Mayan Council Predicts Physical Pole Shift anytime from now until 2015  
426,750 Years till the end of the Vedic Age of Kali Yuga (Cycle of 4 Yuga's/Ages) 
13-Moon Date: Moon 7 Day 10  .  Gregorian Date: Jan.19. 2011  

बेगिन विजार्ड वावेस्पेल्ल (२) ऑफ़ तिमेलेस्स्नेस.

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