Saturday, January 1, 2011

Roadside Mystic

Sometimes it seems like we'll never arrive at peaceful living on this planet.....  When we measure events against the short span of our human lives, we can only see war after war after war....and after the last 50 Fifty years of modern technology we see that war has adapted to technology very well and war has now taken over the Lion's share of technology's focus and spending by world governments.. We could even say that War has co-opted technology.

We have all heard stories about how many wonderful and marvelous things we would not be enjoying today had the war effort had not invented them. That may be true , but at a terrible price. We now have the ability to rapidly kill more of our fellow humans than ever before. If this is the standard by which we  judge the value of  our culture, then we have succeeded wildly beyond all measure and are now the most "advanced" culture that most humans living on earth today know about. Those who  propose Peace which includes nearly everyone not in power and not in "the business" of war are cast by war inc.  as naive and unrealistic. This is just  part of the war inc. marketing plan.

Seriously , who wants their children, or their mother or father and other loved ones ground up by the war machine so banksters can get richer?
We have enough world history, corrupted as it is, to see that these wars don't benefit the people . They only benefit those who engineer and finance them.
And there have never been more people on earth to Kill than there are today.
The war inc.  marketing department is busy working on how to demonize the next "enemy".
The next urgent reason to go to war. 
When bodies are falling profits are rising.
It's a killer business model.
Are you getting your share of the growing death market?
Peace?  Are you serious? 

The laws of Karma cannot be negotiated like an arms deal.
The Laws of Karma cannot be destroyed by weapons of war.
The laws of Karma will soon correct this obscene imbalance.
My advice is to get out of the war market and buy into the Peace market.
Before the bottom falls out.

299 days till Oct. 28, 2011 - Dr. Carl Calleman Alternative Mayan Calendar End date
719 days till Dec. 21, 2012 - Conventional Mayan Long Count Calendar End Date   High Mayan Council Predicts Physical Pole Shift anytime from now until 2015  
426,750 Years till the end of the Vedic Age of Kali Yuga (Cycle of 4 Yuga's/Ages) 
  Moon 6 Day 20 Yellow Galactic Star 1.1.2011

Shawn O'Neal Copyright 2010. Publish with author credit.