Sunday, October 31, 2010


13-Moon Date: Moon 4 Day 14
Gregorian Date: October 31, 2010

  361 days till Oct. 28, 2011 - Calleman Alternative Mayan End Date 
  781 days till Dec. 21, 2012 - Conventional Mayan End Date  
  426,750 Years till the end of the Vedic Age of Kali Yuga (Cycle of 4 Yuga's/Ages)

Connecting Random Dots...It's Not Pretty.

The Ginormous Buildup of Western Military Force in the Persian Gulf Foreboding ...

The Very recent Shutdown (never mind how) of 25% of the USA'S Nuclear Warhead Missiles coming after the also recent admission of possible ET shutdown of missiles back in the day.....Foreboding

Obama and Possible future POTUS Hillary Clinton to be out of the USA during "tipping point " warning of the Web Bots...
Nov. 8 to Nov. 11....Foreboding

Suppose that a deadly international game of Chicken is being played out between the USA and IRAN...
Iran says that they have the means to nuke several major US cities if the US launches an attack on Iran.....

And the US calls the Bluff and is Wrong

If you live in a major US city and can "get away" (several hundred miles away" for several days.....

Happy Halloween !