Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Underground Building Frenzy

This Company is building some really interesting underground communities: you like the idea of being able to live for up to 5 years underground.......

From their website;
The ARC Bunker for North Alabama is the largest of the 37 bunkers being constructed in classified locations across the United States. The Huntsville ARC will consist of over 360,000 square feet and will support 3200 people for up to 5 years off-grid, and 36 other major cities are constructing similar ARC Bunkers.

RM >>>>>That sounds like an insurance policy on the High tech and space community in northern Alabama.

ARC Bunkers are air/water tight and have a lifespan of 300+ years. Carbon rods are used so there is no metal or underground signature, which makes the bunkers undetectable.

Meanwhile....the Russians are on a crash program building another 5000 underground shelters...

RM>>>> I'll wager a good dog can find them.

Call me a Surface Lubber if you must, but I'm not Digging it. (pun intended).

The body cannot be prolonged or protected forever. The shell cracks at some point and our true being must move on. 
Humans are often faced with these quality  vs  quantity of life issues.
Let your Dharma be your guide.
No two paths are exactly the same.

Cheers peace and Love ~!~

92 DAYS UNTILL *OCT. 28, 2011 - DR. CARL CALLEMAN ALTERNATIVE MAYAN CALENDAR END DATE  (co-creation and unity consciousness)

512 DAYS UNTILL DEC. 21, 2012 - CONVENTIONAL MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR END DATE  (the date that's got loads of books written, scary movie, etc.)

604 DAYS UNTIL March 21, 2013  Dimensional shift to occur on the Equinox ?  Stay Tuned to higher frequencies.....Is this the finish to what starts on 
DEC. 21, 2012?