Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roadside Mystic *Conspiracy Search Game*

I wonder what happens when millions of people search these combos of terms?
Make up your own...How many conspiracies can you uncover ?

facebook plot,yahoo conspiracy,google nsa agreement,cabal,coup,
911,EPA,FDA,FEMA,TSA,HSA,BATF,CIA,NSA,FBI,DEA, PATROIT,constitution,gun,obama,clinton,bush,china,alien,geoengineering, depopulation, GMO,Twitter

I wonder what happens when you throw this into the various major search engines....
Do all the spooks get an email? tweet? text?
Lets see...

Google results: *Google limits search to 32 words.


    IS THE NSA CONDUCTING ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON AMERICAN CITIZENS? .... -Sense- Conspiracy-CIA-Bush-Clinton-and-global-drug-traffi BRUCE JESSEN ,BUSH'S ...ATF Agent: "I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico. .... Secretly forced brain implants: Ex-SS, FBI contractor defends targets Shocking state secret: PATRIOT ACT ... - Cached - Similar
  2. '40000 violations of the law' in FBI snooping: report | The Raw Story

    Jan 30, 2011 ... The Patriot Act, passed into law some six weeks after the 9/11 ... Out of these corporations, Google is the most notorious FBI dog. .... Sounds like the Obama- Bush-Clinton-Bush-Reagan Administration is right on track. ..... What about the DEANSA?CIA? JTTF? BATF? I would be willing to wager that ... - Cached
  3. Conspiracy Planet - CIA (Criminals In Action) - Facebook & Google ...

    It can be assumed that the CIA and NSA funded them as well. As in the above example ofFacebook, don't forget the Google scandal connected to China last ... - Cached

Yahoo results…

We did not find results for: FREEDOMFIGHTERS FOR AMERICA - THIS ORGANIZATION EXPOSING CRIME AND ... IS THE NSA CONDUCTING ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON AMERICAN CITIZENS? .... -Sense- Conspiracy-CIA-Bush-Clinton-and-global-drug-traffi BRUCE JESSEN ,BUSH'S ... ATF Agent: "I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico. .... Secretly forced brain implants: Ex-SS, FBI contractor defends targets Shocking state secret: PATRIOT ACT ... - Cached - Similar ► '40000 violations of the law' in FBI snooping: report | The Raw Story Jan 30, 2011 ... The Patriot Act, passed into law some six weeks after the 9/11 ... Out of these corporations, Google is the most notorious FBI dog. .... Sounds like the Obama- Bush-Clinton-Bush-Reagan Administration is right on track. ..... What about the DEA? NSA? CIA? JTTF? BATF? I would be willing to wager that ... - Cached Conspiracy Planet - CIA (Criminals In Action) - Facebook & Google ... It can be assumed that the CIA and NSA funded them as well. As in the above example of Facebook, don't forget the Google scandal connected to China last ... - Cached. Try the suggestions below or type a new query above.

Bing Results:


cccNo results found for facebook plot,yahoo conspiracy,google nsa agreement,cabal,coup, 911,EPA,FDA,FEMA,TSA,HSA,BATF,CIA,NSA,FBI,DEA, PATROIT,constitution,gun,obama,clinton,bush,china,alien,geoengineering, depopulation, GMO,Twitter .

Ask Results;

have studiously avoided blogging about “The U.S. government planned 9/11”conspiracy theories because, frankly, they strain credulity*; ... Good call TDI, GoogleEarth did not exist in 2001 so there is no other possible way that anybody could have obtained an aerial view of Washington DC since, ... 911 WAS an inside job!
Indeed, given the general agreement that Sirhan Sirhan was somehow programmed or hypnotized to become a "Manchurian candidate," it is arresting that both Oswald and Ray also had men in their background alleged to be interested in hypnosis. ... A confessed participant in the plot, Loyd Jowers, has said that his friend...
; 9/11: Not a Coup d'Etat, ... We now know from a recently declassified in-house NSAhistory that on August 4, 1964, NSA possessed 122 pieces of SIGINT (signals intelligence) which taken together indicated clearly that there was no second ... As I describe in the forthcoming expanded reissue of my book The War Conspiracy,
The flight data flatly contradicts Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911. Guess which one is lying! I recently posted NTSB data indicating ... You could google all day and never find an image showing where the huge tail hit the ground! ... 9/11 Unprecidented NetworkAgreement To Pool All Available Pictures Of This Attack...
'We Want Them To Succeed’ ; Google making app that would identify people's faces -; BBC News - Water clear-up 'urgent' at reactor; Japan nuclear crisis: ... UNBELIEVABLE!!!; 50 State Attorney General 27 Page “Settlement” on Fraudclosures | zero hedge; A Conspiracy With a Silver Lining -;
The most unbelievable of all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 is the OFFICIALconspiracy theory told us by our government. ... No Democrat can fix this problem. A couphas already occurred in the United States. ... Even though i know little of the mossad connection to 911, it does appear obvious the Lieberman MONEY...
And this is actually part of the plot. First you steal an election for a Texas-transplant simpleton whose native language is gibberish (spoken by the autocratic republic of Malicia) in and you coup-install him in the Whitehouse. ... That thar is nothing more thanCONSPIRACY rhetoric, and as all us FOXbots know,
Is this another tin-foil hat conspiracy? ... [4] The Serbian government kept a close watch on Black Hand activities and knew of the plot to kill the Archduke. ... You can guess which country offered Jews a refuge from Russia when the Communist coup failed in 1905… Germany.
The government of Georgia and South Ossetian separatists reached an agreement to avoid the use of force against one another, and Georgia pledged not to impose sanctions against South Ossetia. ... NSA, CIA & Spies ... Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura...

Dogpile Results: top ten shown

ook plot,yahoo conspiracy,goog..." (About Results)

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Facebook and the Death of Privacy | Alternative News Report
See also: Facebook Loses Much Face In Secret Smear on Google ... for your conspiracy theory or trying to put all the pieces together on a plot you ... the NCS, CIANSA ...
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33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every ...
... behind Internet - GoogleFacebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo ... In 2005, an internal National Security Agency ... him as part of a plot to overthrow Roosevelt in a military coup.
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We are a focused group of transformational activists who intend to build a platform that enables individuals to make an impact in the world. Our mission is to provide the ...
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... conspire means "to join in a secret agreement ... aggression".In 2005, an internal National Security Agency ... Claus von Stauffenberg to join the conspiracy in 1944.The plot ...

This is just my opinion, I could be right...
*Based on current calculations, on October 17, 2011 Comet Elenin will be nearest Earth at distance of 0.232au. On October 20, 2011 comet Elenin will enter Earth's orbit and cause Gravitational pull. On November, 02 Earth will be positioned in Elenin's tail. On December 21, 2012 Comet Elenin will be positioned in final alignment  as Elenin-Earth-SUN.
426,750 YEARS TILL THE END OF THE VEDIC AGE OF KALI YUGA (CYCLE OF 4 YUGA'S/AGES)  13-MOON DATE: MOON 11 DAY 17   GREGORIAN DATE MAY 18, 2011   बेगिन विजार्ड वावेस्पेल्ल  ऑफ़तिमेलेस्स्नेस.
Moon eleven is the spectral serpent moon of liberation.
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