Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maximum Novelty, Minimum Popularity

At this point in what I'll call the Journey of present dominant civilization we need Maximum Novelty, and Minimal Popularity to succeed .....   The current paradigm needs to promote maximum popularity to maximize programming propaganda while minimizing novelty to protect the status quo and increase control. We disrupt the programming by creating more novelty. A basic understanding of the Time wave zero theory helps to grasp this concept. By rejecting the popular we create the new avant garde.
This can become a paradox in that that we can find ourselves (yourselves more likely) working at cross purposes if we become too popular. Why? because the current paradigm or system has adapted to glom onto, co-opt, coerce, and spin any thing that becomes popular on it's own merit that is not created by The Me-dia itself......it should be called the THEM-ia because they never ask you or me.

So for example Revolution (overthrowing a government) as in "The American Revolution"  becomes the new Sneaker design.....Fast food becomes Love and Ass-partame laced soda becomes "the real thing".... etc.  

We need More people speaking what they think they need to share with humanity and less repeating of the popular meme or message of the moment.

More people pushing novel thoughts and sounds and images into the system and less consumption of mass messages from mass media....a mass is a form of ritual....to and for the system.

what do you call an entity that owns and controls 850 radio stations? A programing TOOL.

What do you call 5 to 6 companies that OWN THE MEDIA INDUSTRY...A  Programing TOOL. 

Even the internet is under assault because it creates too much novelty and not enough "stars"
And of course this is just my Novel view.~!~

Ditch the Richual  ..... 

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