Friday, June 1, 2012

The Cube is no more?

What kind of interview do you think could generate these various comments?
Click the link at the bottom to here the whole dealio ~!~

  • reptilians love fresh meat and blood of creatures who can have anguish, so reptilians can eat their negative energies... Now I understand about Yahweh who demanded sacrifice of blood and flesh of Passover, and Allah who demanded the same in Iedul Qurban every year. Evil.

    11 hours ago

  • Are we better than the Reptilians? We are doing to animals, which are sentirnt beings with souls, things 1000 much worse .

    11 hours ago
  • Was this the group of Draco reptilians that have been subjected to the Cassiopean Insectoid races neural-manipulation implants? I hope that special ops forces can get to the bottom of the issue and stop the Insectoid-driven assault via the manipulated reptoids before its too late!

    2 days ago

  • Insectoid-controlled neural-implanted Reptoids. Just when I thought I've heard everything........LOL

    in reply to kauphaart0 (Show the comment) 2 days ago
would these parasites in adult stage be about the size of a raisin red in color attach themselves to top of colon find a blood source cover themselves in clear jelly and spit out eggs into food source and control mind by injecting into blood stream
theicediamond7 3 days ago
  • FUKUSHIMA must be the priority NOW!

    3 days ago

  • Better "do away" with Fukushima first! The Earth is in serious trouble if this is not the priority in terms of total threat to all life.

    in reply to IMTHEONE2HATE (Show the comment) 3 days ago
When the cabal continually energy harvest the collective energy of mankind through all their rituals like Christmas and the Olympic games does the energy go to the reptilians or does it go to a higher dimensional oppressive force which controls the reptilians and other puppets?
There has to be a realm where these master magicians operate from.
All is good and well destroying bases etc but if mankind does not wake up our energy will continually be harvested by the reality magicians.

Tau Ceti, Sirius A, some Pleiadians, and Procyon are members of the Galactic Federation, NOT the Galactic Federation of Light. These are two completely different entities.
Tanaath in reply to Martialartyogi (Show the comment) 4 days ago
It is ALWAYS healthy to use your discernment in any information that you cannot verify using conventional methods for yourself. That includes us.
I will tell you this, and that is while we can be mistaken, neither Tolec nor I intentionally deceive.
Tanaath in reply to RizzenEsc (Show the comment) 4 days ago

By coincidence, I recently read a book by Joseph P. Farrell called "The Grid of the Gods." He talks about the physics of the pyramids all over the planet & their relationships to each other & the earth's grid lines. It was very technical, lots of math & geometry but his conclusion was that they were constructed to manipulate human consciousness & in essence it was "control" of human consciousness for their manipulation. In essence - "dumbing down" & control.
H1X2N4 in reply to kazzie1203 (Show the comment) 4 days ago
Airborne parasites ….affect the will

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