Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mayan Countdown to 2012: Day 842

13-Moon Date: Moon 2 Day 9

I started off my day in the usual way....
Steaming Java and a smoldering Internet... OMG those f-ing Chinese overlords had "blocked" the search word for some missing head banker and OMG....COREXIT in a couples swimming pool north of Tampa!!!
And OMG AGAIN... the coming 3 waves of American Taxation starting in 2010 from passage of the "we rob you and take all your stuff" bill which is my name for all the new Govt. theft scams put together...and then... Muhahahahah! Bwahahahah! a great relief.... My hope in 2012.
The Pendulum must swing in the other direction and soon. There are soooo many people on Earth right now and soooo very few controlling the show. Out of balance and soon out of time.
Some of us are just watchers. We are here to witness. This too shall pass. Reminds me of the George Harrison album, All Things Must Pass. Just not in the exact same way every time. Circles within circles, cycles within cycles...
Do we move through the world or does the world move through us ? or is our very idea of movement so 3 dimensional? We are each Gateways , Stargates,
deciding what passing thoughts and dreams to pull into our personal galaxies....when you wish upon a star are you asking a person or sentient entity or world to grant your wish?
Anywho, anywho,
I'll find a way,and You will find a way through, We always do....we always have, we always will....more coffee? yes, thank you.