Did Humans create God in their own conscious image ? 
 Did a GOD or Gods create Humans in His/her/there own image?

Does human consciousness imply the realization of a
 higher state of being, of conscious evolution ? 
 Is God the Personification of this principle ?

Humans became conscious of self and no one can prove exactly when this happened.  
No one can prove that there was a time when the earth did not have at least one conscious human living on or under it's surface.
Or on other planets, other galaxies, or in other dimensions.

Humans have ascribed all of their qualities to God in greater quantity than those ascribed to Themselves

Sometimes they created many Gods instead of one God. 
Some Gods have Eternal female Consorts, Others are Male, and still others are Female.

Humans made God perfect

Humans derived Laws from these  GOD/GODS

Humans worship different Gods and continue to kill each other based on religion.

Some Humans say there is no God

Some Humans say the Earth or Nature is a God or the Sun is God.

Other humans say we Humans are all One or the God

Some Humans say the entire Cosmos is God

Some humans say God is within, others say God is within and without

Some humans say God is within every atom and every particle.

Some Humans say God is light.

Some humans say that everything is conscious 
and that a Human is just one form of this all pervasive consciousness

Some Humans say consciousness results from a big bang

How does a GOD become an ancient GOD? 

How do The GODS become the OLD GODS?

How did the new Gods become the new Gods?